Top Types Of Bathroom Doors

Top Types Of Bathroom Doors

There is a general tendency to neglect bathroom doors, whereas they provide a crucial role in the interior design of the room as well as ambience inside. Since it is a utility feature, usually everyone focuses on their functionality and aesthetics take a back seat.

Here are a few types of bathroom doors from which you can make a choice.

  • Glass panel door:

This type of door features a piece of glass in place of a panel and this serves as a window. Such a door can have multiple or single glass panels set in a pattern. A single big glass panel may be used in which case door would feature a glass core set in a wooden frame. You may use frosted glass to get more privacy or the window can be covered with a curtain.

  • Sliding panel doors

Since they don’t swing, sliding doors are typically used in areas with limited floor space. For instance, there is a design of bathroom sliding glass door. They are less common choice for bathrooms since they need a big opening. They are thus suited to spacious bathrooms.

  • Sliding barn doors

Such doors can make any space seem cozy and inviting, including the bathroom. These come in a diversity of designs and can suit any type of décor. One tip is to use sliding barn doors to serve as a separator of an en-suite bathroom from its bedroom.

  • Pocket doors

These doors which are space saving, are making a comeback to serve as bathroom décor. Since they don’t swing open but instead, slide into a wall when opened, pocket doors permit you to save floor space in the bathroom which creates extra space for functional features.

  • Simple panel  doors

This is one among the most common design of interior doors and you can identify such a door by the rectangular or square panels that it features. Panels can range from many small ones to single large panels. Their versatility, popularity and simplicity make them look natural in a variety of settings.

  • Classic French doors

These doors are ones that are hanging on hinges at either side of a door and they swing towards each other to meet at the center. They can be used in various settings and can adapt to various styles. Though they are not common in bathrooms, they can become a focal point for this space, permitting the room to stand out.

  • Frosted glass doors

They are used in bathrooms, mostly as an enclosure for the shower doors. The glass maintains a spacious and airy appearance and because of its texture, it provides privacy. Such doors are available in a variety of styles and can be closed and opened in different ways.

  • Transparent glass partitions

When you don’t need a privacy feature to separate the bedroom from the bathroom, it does not make sense to use solid partitions like wooden doors or walls. But partitions are required for containing the moisture. One option for this is transparent glass. Bathroom doors with glass serve this purpose well.

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